Who is Hasan Baidaie?

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Maybe you have noticed that several post attributed to Hasan Baidaie. Who is he?

He is my father. I re-post his articles from mailing list. So, what’s the interesting part?

His age is 74. Old enough to learn something new. But, he is willing to. He learned to use SMS, maybe in his seventy. Then, he learned blackberry, so he can sent email to our mailing list, and keep contact with family. My father cannot use computer, but he seriously learned how to use blackberry, in age 74. That is achievement.

And then, I want to re-post his articles in this blog. Maybe there is some benefits for you too.

Tips in learning English

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My brother and his wife ever lived in Australia. Not a surprise, they speak English very well.

My sister in law (brother’s wife) gave me several tips in learning English.

Tips #1 : increase vocabulary.
The only way to communicate successfully is speaking with proper vocab and proper pronounciation. So, she suggest me to use dictionary to improve my vocab. Just read dictionary randomly, and then your vocab will be improved.
Tips #2 : read english book loudly. You must hear your voice, your pronounciation. This trick will improve your listening skill. And, of course, makes you more confident.
Tips #3 : writing in English (I think this trick come from my teacher, I’m not sure.) There is a close connection between writing and speaking. Do the one will improve the other.

That’s the tips. Do you have one?

Blogging with purpose

March 28, 2009 at 6:01 am | Posted in learning | 2 Comments

Recently, I think hardly about the reason behind my blogging activities. I think it’s wasting my time.

But then, I found several purposes to do blogging. First, I can record my ideas. Second, I can practice my English with that.

So, I decided to start blogging in English. My English is far from good. And I fear to speak in English, because I do not want to seemed like stupid person. Because my English still bad, my vocab is limited.

But I know. Nobody care about my English (only me care about myself). Nobody care about grammar. They care about communication, what the message I want to tell to. So, there is no worry to speak wrongly, they all know that I am Indonesian, English is not my mother language.

And here I am. Start blogging in English. 🙂

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